My 5-Day DIY Cleanse to Reset for 2023 (with daily updates)

I’m not a chick who likes to deprive herself, but after this extended holiday season, some self-restraint is in order. I can’t live like a college freshman any longer. I’m kicking off a 5-day cleanse to restore and reset for 2023. Join me for daily updates on my progress.

5 Things I Learned From Going to Paris Alone

Bonjour friends! I’m back from Paris and I had the most magnifique time! I was a little worried about traveling in general after the pandemic, and specifically about going to another country by myself. But I really loved the experience. Here are five things I learned on this trip that I’ll take with me wherever…

Comfortable, Stylish Shoes for Fall 2022— Girlfriend Approved

Nothing in a mature chick’s wardrobe is more important than comfortable shoes. But they often seem impossible to find. I asked my girlfriends for help and they came through with recommendations galore. Here’s a round up of shoes that will make your feet happy and look great to boot.

To Improve My Body Image, I Spent the Day Naked

This challenge was a tricky one for me, both to complete and now to write about. Not that there’s anything all that racy here. But I’m sharing how I spent the day nude, and I’m worried people will think it’s distasteful or inappropriate, especially for a woman my age. Certainly my mother thinks so! But…

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