Facing a Tough Week? These 3 Pick-Me-Ups Will Lift Your Spirits.

The past week was rough. I had surgery to remove a bad mole and a few days later, a four hour dental procedure. The double whammy left me feeling tired, sore and vulnerable. If you find yourself going through a tough patch, here are a few things that made me feel better and might work for you.

It’s Autumn! Here’s What to Eat, Drink, Wear and Do

Today is the official start of fall and here in Chicago the shift in season is apparent. The temps have dropped, the skies are grayer and the trees are tinged with gold. Even though I love warm weather, I welcome this season. It feels like a fresh start. Here are a few things I’m switching up.

Socializing is Awkward Right Now. So am I.

I had a busy social calendar last weekend and it felt both wonderful and weird. I’m vaccinated, but Covid is on the rise, so I’m not feeling completely secure. There are a lot of mixed messages about what’s safe to do right now. Things are fully open while enforcement of masks and vaccines is spotty. It makes it hard to know how to behave in social situations. Let’s figure it out!

Thrill Seeking After 50 Makes Life More Meaningful

I realize I’m missing out by playing things so safe in my 50s. Life is short. I’m as young as I’ll ever be. Why not take a little risk and get out of my comfort zone, just for the thrill of it? I start with a ride on a motorized scooter in San Diego.

22 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

How can it be July already? Summer is flying by and there are so many things Laura and I want to squeeze in, especially after being cooped up for so long. This week we share our bucket lists for July and August. What are you looking forward to doing this summer? Laura’s Summer Bucket List…

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