Marjie Loves… This Perfect Travel Jacket

Greetings from Northern Michigan! My husband and I are spending a week here on a road trip that’s replacing our originally planned vacation to Portugal, but hey, I’m just grateful to be getting away. When we can jet off to far-flung destinations again, I’m sure I’ll be packing my Lululemon Define jacket, which has been a go-to piece travel piece of mine for years on trips to Ireland, Norway and right here in Leland, Michigan. Why do I love this jacket so much? It’s comfortable, durable, packable, flattering and has tons of pockets. It’s a perfect layering piece over a t-shirt or under a windbreaker, and it’s so versatile you can wear it hiking in Norway or out to dinner in Traverse City. Priced at $118, it totally earns its keep in my everyday wardrobe and in my suitcase. As you can see from these photos from trips spanning a decade, I own it in a variety of colors. Do you have a must-pack travel wardrobe staple?

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