Marjie Loves… Walking Meetings

Laura and me crossing the Chicago River near the end of this week’s walking meeting. (We only got close for this quick photo.)

Howdy, fellow work-from-homers. Are you fed up with only connecting with your colleagues virtually, over Zoom or email? Do you long for some face-to-face collaboration but can’t go back to the office to connect? Here’s a solution: find a nearby coworker and take a walking meeting. It’s a win-win! Laura and I used to sit in adjoining cubicles in a rather grim office in a downtown high-rise. Now we take weekly walks along the gorgeous Chicago lakefront to get sh*t done. I’ve never been so productive. Somehow being in motion gets the creative and decisive juices flowing and, along with my early dog walk, I log well over 5 miles before 10am. Was I out exercising or brand building? The answer, of course, is both—all while social distancing outdoors.

This morning we decided on our next three challenges (can’t wait to share them with you) and laid some important groundwork for our website expansion. Who knows what we could have accomplished if we had covered more ground, but all the Grant Park restrooms are closed and I had to hustle home to pee.

If logistics prevent you from meeting up with a member of your team in person, try a parallel walking meeting. Both of you get away from your desks, head out into the fresh air and take a stroll while you talk business over the phone. You’ll be surprised at how energizing it is, how easily you can focus and how much you’ll get done. If you aren’t convinced, check out other sources singing the praises of walking meeting, like the Harvard Business Review and and this Ted Talk. I challenge you!

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