Fall Fashion 2020 Trends Challenge

Our wardrobes need some fall excitement! Yes, the pandemic wears on, but fall is clearly here and we all need a plan—not just to vote (the most important thing!)—but to tweak our work-from-home wardrobe and give us a reason to get dressed in the morning. 

The fabulous stylist Shellie Thompson shares her 10 fall fashion trends with Style Challengers.

Our fashion guru for this challenge is Shellie Thompson of closetwardrobeyou.com, who worked in retail for over 30 years and is now a stylist. She specializes in closet makeovers and repurposing a client’s existing wardrobe. When you meet Shellie, even though these days it’s over Zoom, it’s clear that she gets what you need. When she worked for J.Crew, a stylist from the posh boutique Ikram, used to come in, buy $10,000 worth of merch and then return it all. “He wouldn’t tell me who the client was, but finally he confided that it was Michelle Obama,” Shellie says. “I told him to leave it to me, ‘I’ve got this.’” Flash forward a few weeks and there was Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, wearing head-to-toe J.Crew and looking fabulous!

We asked Shellie what her clients are currently looking for, and she admitted that many of her clients are having trouble getting dressed these days. She recommends choosing three days, and committing to getting dressed those days.

For inspiration, here are Shellie’s key fall trends. Our style challenge is to start in your closet and see how many of these trends you’ve already got. Minus points for anything you find that still has its tag on. Stay tuned for our results!

10 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

  1. Jewel Tone – “People struggle with bright colors, but I say go for it,” Shellie says.
  2. Chocolate Brown – Shellie thinks this is an every 10 year or so trend, and it’s back big this fall.
  3. Plaid – “I’d stick with a plaid shirt or a great plaid pant, but I wouldn’t oversaturate my look,” says Shellie.
  4. Boyfriend Blazer – You must have one from 5-6 years ago, right?
  5. Faux Fur – Like walking around in a big fuzzy hug, which we all need!
  6. Wrap – Shellie says that last year wraps came back and it’s a very elegant way to add a layer.
  7. Jogger – You can wear these with tennis shoes, a crisp white shirt and a leather jacket, which is one of Shellie’s signature looks.
  8. Loafers – Solid choice, especially since we’re not leaving the house wearing heels.
  9. Sneakers – We asked about the tricked-out versions, but Shellie counsels keeping it simple and classic.
  10. Mask – The MOST important trend of the year. Shellie made her own cloth masks out of some blouses she was purging. She also recommends a scarf that can be pulled up for protection and then pulled down for a fashionable look.

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