Fall’s Top 10 Fashion Trends—How Many do You Already Own?

Laura and Marjie shopped their closets for this season’s top ten trends. Guided by Chicago stylist Shellie Thompson of ClosetWardrobeYou.com (see prior post) we went on the hunt for:

  1. Jewel Tones
  2. Chocolate Brown
  3. Plaid
  4. Boyfriend Blazer
  5. Faux Fur
  6. Wrap
  7. Joggers
  8. Loafers
  9. Sneakers
  10. Mask (so 2020!)

Here’s what we found in our wardrobes and how we’ll wear these trends this fall. Which ones do you already own?


With a little wiggle-room I scored a perfect ten! I had to swap Oxfords for the loafers, but they match the spirit of a classic low-heeled shoe. I’m not sure this circa 2010 Rebecca Taylor jacket counts as a boyfriend blazer, but close enough. I really liked this exercise because it made me dig out some long overlooked items and put them together in new ways that feel current but still very me. Shellie is a big fan of a crisp white blouse and I can see how it takes an outfit up a notch. My well worn Athleta joggers look sophisticated, not schlumpy. I’ve never worn these outfits before and it makes me see how I can revitalize other pieces in my closet. It’s like I have a new fall wardrobe, without spending a dime. I’m still not socializing much, but I’m gonna feel stylish while walking my dog Phoebe and shopping at the Jewel.


My favorite piece that I dug out of my closet is the Margaret Howell boyfriend jacket. I bought it this summer (online and from the UK so difficult to return) because I’m a big fan of this brand, but when the jacket arrived, I thought it was too big and schlumpy. Wrong! Shellie said it’s on trend with its slightly oversized and slouchy profile. I’m happy I kept it and now I’m trying to think of where to wear it! The faux fur jacket is one I bought probably five years ago when the faux fur trend started again, and even though it was pretty inexpensive, it’s held up and always gets compliments. I got it at Valentina in Winnetka, which is a great source for on-trend, but not trendy clothes.

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