Anti-Anxiety Weekend Challenge

Between the pandemic and the election, we’re all wound a little too tight right now. I’m snappy, not sleeping and spending way too much time doom scrolling on my phone. Sound familiar? Take our weekend challenge: Find and do five things this weekend that get you off your phone, reduce your anxiety and maybe even make you smile.

Marjie and Laura practicing yoga, which is one of the ways we plan to stay off our phones and practice some self-care this weekend. Photo by Katrina Wittkamp

First Things First

If you haven’t voted or don’t have a plan for Tuesday, then you cannot participate in this challenge until that’s taken care of! Rules are rules, people. But if you’ve voted, donated, called your mom and reminded her to vote (especially if she lives in Florida) then let’s get started.

My Five Anxiety Lowering Activities

  1. Yoga with Adriene – Even if you don’t love yoga, give Yoga with Adriene (her free videos are on YouTube) a try. Many classes are gentle and restorative, and there’s something about her sunny, sweet presence that I find really reassuring. I’ve done Yoga with Adriene with groups of friends and with my daughter, and that’s the best way, by far, to experience some calming and soothing vibes is to do it with your pod. Plus, you’ll get a nice stretch in and you can’t downward dog with a phone in your hand!
  2. Epsom Salt Bath – I’m not comfortable going for a massage right now, so an epsom salt bath is my go-to for relaxing and loosening stiff muscles. Light some candles, put on your fave music and lean into this indulgent 20 minutes—leave your phone far out of reach. I use Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak with orange and bergamot essential oils, but they have tons of interesting choices, and it’s at every drug store so it’s easy to pick up.
  3. Go for a Walk and Call a Friend – Yeah, it’s cold and gray in the Midwest and Northeast, but we’ve got to get outside for that fresh air and nature boost. Instead of listening to a podcast, which for me is just an audio doom scroll right now, call someone you love and miss for a chat. An old-fashioned phone call is less stressful than Zoom, and we all need to feel connected even if we can’t physically be together.
  4. Pick Up that Handicraft – Do you have an embroidery loop in your drawer or a knitting project in a cupboard? Somewhere in your home lurks an adult coloring book or a set of watercolors you’ve been meaning to haul out. I’ve been needlepointing up a storm during the pandemic. Anything that keeps your hands occupied and off your phone counts. Bonus points for watching something engaging: The Queen’s Gambit is on my weekend list and the always comforting The Great British Baking Show is a soothing watch.
  5. Start a Big Baking Project – If you’re inspired by The Great British Baking Show, start an ambitious project. I’m making sandwich bread this weekend because it has lots of steps and takes two days. Plus, hands covered in flour are hands that aren’t touching a phone. I just got Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz, so when the bread is done, I’m going to tackle her Marcona Almond Cookies so I’ve got a stash in the freezer for when I need them most! Like Tuesday night…

What are your 5?

Let’s support each other! Tell us how you’re going to self-care, keep calm and keep off your phone this weekend. Make a plan! We’re on Instagram @stylechallengers, @marjiekilleen and @lauranieboerhine and we’d love to repost your ideas!

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