Laura Loves… Winter Lights

Hello, holidays! While this year’s festivities will be different—for many a lonelier and quieter time than expected—what hasn’t changed is that the nights are long and dark, and we’re craving some twinkling lights and holiday cheer.

Laura at Lightscape 2020

My recommendation is to go online, make a reservation and embrace the cold, dark night to enjoy the nearest holiday light display. My husband and I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Lightscape, which felt very safe. Everyone kept their distance, wore masks and followed the rules. It was a delightful change to our evening routine (which is pretty much a yawn at this point!) and a needed boost to our holiday cheer. Lightscape is sold out (as of now, but perhaps they’ll add tickets), but there are many other outdoor light displays this year, so investigate what’s near you, bundle up and get your twinkle on!

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