Style Scoop—Suggestions for Books, Beauty, a New Hobby and Comfort Food

We’ve made it through another week! And even though it’s cold and snowy for most of you (don’t hate us because we’re in Florida and Bermuda), doesn’t the start of February make you feel that spring is coming? If we can just get through this month… Here are a few of my favorite things from this week that have made me feel in-the-know or happy, or focused my thoughts on something other than the obvious!

Photo by Katrina Wittkamp

• If you’re looking for an absorbing read, I have two: Luster by Raven Leilani, which will make you happy you’re not in an open marriage or in your twenties (if you are either of those things, skip!), and Something in the Water, which is a smarter-than-average thriller by Catherine Steadman.

• Did you know most skincare products are 80% water? And, of course, they’re usually in plastic bottles, which is all a lot of waste. I’m trying out this new line by aN-hydra, which are powders that you add water to just before using. I found it looking for a Vitamin C powder (much more effective than a serum) and got intrigued.

• Trying to be more creative? This cartoon is both funny and helpful! 

• Since you won’t be having a Super Bowl party this year, maybe you can skip the chicken wings and try this twist on comfort food. These French Onion Stuffed Shells are a combination of French Onion Soup and Stuffed Shells, and oh my, do they look yummy! If you can’t splurge on Super Bowl Sunday, then when can you?

• I have plenty of needlepoint in my queue, but I’m intrigued by Sashiko embroidery, which is a Japanese technique often used for obvious mending. Miniature Rhino has classes and kits, plus they’re a great follow on Instagram.

At this time Style Challengers doesn’t receive any commission from products we recommend. We’re just telling you what we love because we love it!

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