Treat Yourself Challenge

It’s time for a treat! We deserve it—all of us—for about a million reasons we don’t need to explain because, COVID. This week’s challenge is a fun, easy pick-me-up with no goal other than to give ourselves a much needed dose of pleasure. We hope you’ll join us.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Here’s the assignment: take yourself on a $100 shopping spree to a retailer of your choice. Laura and I are choosing Target, because it has lots of departments to browse and we have to run errands there anyway. You could choose CVS or Marshalls, it’s up to you. But set aside some time to shop just for yourself and select things that are pampering, amusing or indulgent. You can buy one item or 20, but no toothpaste or potholders allowed! That’s the challenge. We’ll report back on Thursday with how we splurged and why we bought what we did. If you want to play along, share your “haul” in the comments here or tag us on Instagram. We’d love to see what tickles your fancy.

Feel free to modify this challenge to suit your budget/exposure by spending less, shopping online or just filling up a virtual shopping cart without checking out. The point is to give our desires, especially the frivolous ones, a little air time right now. Life is serious enough. Are you in?

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