Break out a Sexy Bra (and not just for Valentine’s Day)

My prettiest bras have been languishing at the back of their drawer for the past year as my yoga, running and t-shirt bras have taken over. I normally pull out my lacier, sexier bras when I have an event, a dinner or a date, and obviously none of those have happened for a while. But I still want to feel sexy and special, so for Valentine’s Day weekend, I’m pulling out some of my favorite lingerie. My husband will clearly be thrilled, but more importantly, so will I! I have no desire to put on heels or a fancy dress—sort of ridiculous when you’re staying inside your own home for a candlelit dinner, but a pretty bra is a different story.

My favorites are all several years old (handwash and line dry and they’ll last forever), but here are two that are pretty similar to my faves.

Note that I’m an A cup, hate underwire and won’t wear any lace that itches, so your idea of special and pretty might be wildly different. It should be! The idea isn’t that you have to go out and buy something — but you might want to if you’re uninspired by the sea of safe, beige bras in your drawer — it’s about using the special things that bring you joy. No need to wait for life to return to normal; use them now!

At this time Style Challengers doesn’t receive any commission from products we recommend. We’re just telling you what we love because we love it!

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