Style Scoop—Sweet Stuff for Valentine’s Day (or any day)


Cute and Edgy Heart Manicure. These whimsical wide-eyed hearts from Comme des Garçons PLAY have adorned everything from Converse sneakers to tee shirts. They also make a fun enhancement to your nails—especially this weekend. I got this idea from my super cool Chicago friend Karolina, who sported this nail art when we played tennis in Naples earlier this week.


The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. What if you could go back in time and make different decisions in your life? Would you be happier? This is the premise of the intriguing book about a young woman who has nothing left to live for until she lands in the in-between zone of the Midnight Library where infinite alternate versions of her life are available to test drive. I’m halfway through and fascinated.

Never Taking Off

My Lana Mini-disk Chain Choker is perfect on its own or worn as a layering piece with other necklaces. At $1075 it’s definitely pricey, but I can attest that I’ve worn it constantly over the last four years, so it’s worth it.


This Super Easy, Delicious Appetizer. There’s no cooking required with this little combo. Keep the ingredients on hand and pull them out when a special nibble is required. Simply spread Boursin Garlic and Fine Herb Cheese on lightly toasted baguette slices (or crackers) and top with a dollop of Dalmatia Fig Orange Spread. The herby tang of the cheese combined with the rich sweetness of the jam make for a sophisticated, yummy bite. Available at Whole Foods and most major grocery chains. The three ingredients will run around $15.

Sexy Stuff

Valentine’s Day feels like the right time to go back to my Sex & the Suburbs columnist days to remind you about a must-have for intimacy—high quality lube! You wouldn’t enjoy a massage nearly as much without the massage oil, right? Well when it comes to sex, a good lube makes everything more pleasurable. Don’t buy yucky drug store brands, find a good silicone or water based lube that works for you. We like this one by Pjur.

At this time Style Challengers doesn’t receive any commission from products we recommend. We’re just telling you what we love because we love it!

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