Style Scoop—5 Fun Finds to Brighten Your Weekend

It’s Friday, Yayday! I’ve been doing yoga and enjoying these brighter days. For this week’s roundup there is no theme, just some fun finds that I thought you might enjoy just as much as I did.

Read + Listen

Elizabeth Gilbert’s book on creative living.

I finally read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. Honestly, I sort of forgot about it. When it came out, I was in a very busy phase of my career and a book on living a creative life just didn’t resonate, but in this slower, more reflective phase, I’m trying to live better, not just faster. My sister and I had an email exchange about how creative we were when we were children, and wondering what had happened to all that creativity. The next day, a podcast with Gilbert talking about Big Magic popped up on my feed and I figured it wasn’t a coincidence. The book avoids all the horrid self-help tropes that make me crazy. Gilbert doesn’t promise riches or fame, just a more fulfilling way to live if you can invite the creative muses into your life. Here’s the wonderful interview with Gilbert on the pals podcast, Bad On Paper.


Our French-themed challenge reminded me that I love Kule and I definitely (don’t) need another one of their striped tees. I like The Modern Long style, but if you prefer a thicker cotton, look at The Classic. If stripes aren’t your thing, they also have cute graphics that would be aces under a jacket. Add a scarf and you’re back into the Parisian zone!


Was anyone else bored by Bridgerton? I know, scandalous! I found the pacing plodding and thought all the Bridgerton brothers looked like the same person, so I was constantly wondering if it was the heir, the spare or the other one whose story arc I was trying to follow. If you want a London-based show that’s the anti-Bridgeton, try Flack on Amazon Prime. It follows a celebrity PR firm, and their antics on behalf of and with their clients. Everyone’s pretty unlikable and unethical, so if that’s a thing for you, maybe skip. But I loved it and I’m happy to hear there’s a season two coming.


Photo by Papa Yaw from

It’s Women’s History Month, and my take is that it’s a month to lift up women and women’s voices, which we do year-round here at Style Challengers. On that note, it has bugged me for years that male artists dominate the music industry. It doesn’t matter if I’m listening to Sirius, Apple Music or Spotify, most of the voices are male. Where are the ladies? NPR took this issue to heart and compiled a Spotify music list of the 200 Greatest Songs by 21st Century Women+. I have it on constant repeat!

Look Up

This one comes from my husband who discovered the app Flightradar 24. If you’ve ever looked into the sky and wondered where a plane is going, this app is for you. It’s real time information on the planes in the sky right now from all over the world.

Note: At this point, Style Challengers isn’t sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above. We’re Just sharing what we love.

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