The Best Botanical Oil for All Over Hydration

You know how to tell if a product is one you can’t live without? Try living without it and see what happens. I use Everyday Oil at home, but it’s in an 8 oz. glass bottle, so when I travel, it doesn’t come with me. (I could decant it into a small, unbreakable bottle or buy a travel size, but haven’t. #lazy) When I get home, it’s the very first thing I pull out and slather on.

The product is made from organic and wild-harvested botanical oils in the mountains of North Carolina. It includes organic coconut, olive and argan oils, plus botanicals like palo santo and clary sage. It’s 100% plant based and has zero synthetic ingredients or preservatives. The smell is woodsy, but not over-powering, so it’s gender-neutral (and there is an unscented version as well).

Here are just a few of the ways I use this product:

Other uses:

  • beard oil
  • hair conditioner (best for curls, but not for straight hair like mine)
  • prevent stretch marks

Also, the packaging is 100% recyclable and if you can’t find it at a shop near you (it’s pretty easy to find in most major metropolitan areas), they ship it in a very eco-friendly way.  

Note: At this point, Style Challengers isn’t sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above. We’re Just sharing what we love.

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