Make a Charcuterie Board for Spring Entertaining

It’s easy to get obsessed by charcuterie boards when a never-ending array of gorgeous meat and cheese-filled boards flit across our Instagram feeds. We decided an excellent spring challenge would be to mix up the usual dinner or brunch and instead assemble a lovely spread. We didn’t set any rules for this challenge, just find an inspiration (or a mood or an occasion), go shopping and start assembling. When you’re done, tag us on Instagram @stylechallengers. We’d love to share your clever creations.

Marjie’s Charcuterie Board

I didn’t have a grand plan for this challenge, just wanted to create one of those over-the-top charcuterie boards you see on Instagram. I checked out some photos, made a rough list, and headed to DeRomo’s, this amazing Italian market here in Bonita Springs. I consulted their butcher who advised me to buy some dried sausage (an Alps chub), prosciutto and peppery genoa salami—about 1/4 pound each. Then I selected some hard and soft cheeses, olives and fig jam, and a variety of fruits and veggies to add color and keep it kind of healthy. I bought a fresh baked semolina wheat baguette and crackers.  It was a tasty assortment that would count as a meal, I hoped, because I invited another couple over (both vaccinated!) to share in my creation.

Buying the ingredients was easy, but I soon discovered the real art is in the display. (This project reminded me of our past Floral Design Challenge!) I’m not skilled enough to create salami rosettes or sculptured garnishes, but I tried to make it as attractive as possible. 

Marjie’s final presentation

In the end, we had more than enough food for four people (I picked up some cannoli too), and it was a fun, informal way to eat out on our porch. And it was delicious. The only watch out is that this meal is salty! So make sure to serve lots of water along with your cocktails.

Laura’s Brunch Board

Easter will be just my husband and me, so it’s starting to feel like just another weekend. To combat that same-old, same-old feeling I wanted to do something fun and spring-like and a brunch board seemed perfect. What is a brunch board, the uninitiated in the hashtags #breakfastcharcuterie or #brunchboard may ask? It’s a lovely display of breakfast or brunch foods that usually includes the following:

  • A photogenic carb: – pancakes, croissants, waffles, bagels (I used this classic waffle recipe.)
  • Fruit with different colors and texture
  • Interesting jams or spreads
  • Bacon or another protein
  • Cadbury Easter eggs (pretty optional, except this weekend!)

The fun is in laying it all out.

I also have to give a shout out to my sister-in-law Julia, who started my charcuterie obsession with her gorgeous creations that kick off Thanksgiving with some noon-time noshing. Here’s one from a few years ago that we devoured!

More than just meat, cheese and crackers, this board gets its visual interest with persimmons, olives, blueberries, dried apricots and cranberries, and the tiniest jar of honey.

2 thoughts

  1. I noticed Marjie used a wooden tray given to me (Mom) as a wedding gift 60 years ago! Beautiful presentations from both ladies!


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