It’s a Clean Sweep: A Style Scoop for a Fresh Start

Anyone else feeling like we should clear the cobwebs from our heads as well as the literal ones in our home? That’s our theme this week, so look for some “trashy” content coming your way on Thursday! In the meantime, let’s open up the doors, let some fresh air in and welcome spring.


My LUV SCRUB came just in time to whisk away my dull winter skin, leaving behind a nice glow. It’s more hygienic than a loofah, and because it’s long and stretchy, you can exfoliate your back without help. I also love the origin story: The founder had been using a nylon cloth (what would become LUV SCRUB) since she was a child. Friends and roommates begged for their own, so her parents began bringing them back whenever they’d go to visit family in Ghana, where these are a common beauty tool. The lightbulb went off and she started her company. $18


If you’re looking for inspiration on the home front, check out the AD Open Door series on YouTube. On each episode a celebrity or designer walks you through his or her (very clean and very stylish) home. They’re addictive, especially right now, when we haven’t been inside many houses except our own. Here are two of my faves:


Brooms made by students at Kentucky’s Berea College.

It wouldn’t be a clean sweep week without a broom, now, would it? I’ve got two suggestions if you’re looking to replace that ratty (speaking for myself here) plastic thing hanging and hidden away. The first are brooms by the students at Berea College in Kentucky. Here’s an excellent article in Smithsonian Magazine that explains the school and the craft behind these gorgeous tools. For a more modern aesthetic, but still handmade from natural materials, check out the brooms in Kara Mann’s line: Kept. Stunning, but pricey.


Once the dust has cleared, you may want to add a little color or flair to your place. I stopped by the just-opened Herman Miller Group at Fulton Market in Chicago. The first floor is open to the public (higher floors are for commercial designers) and houses Herman Miller, HAY and Design Within Reach. Not only can you get your WFH setup perfected (more to come on that soon!), you can also add accessories, try out a few comfy sofas and shop for that perfect ottoman. 


Photo by Wendy Wei on

Menu fatigue is real, people! I love cooking, but menu planning is a drag. Given our theme of cleaning things up, I thought I’d include the thoughtful eating plan that Bon Appetit puts together each January. This year’s Feel Good plan includes chicken and fish, so it’s not vegetarian, but it is very veggie forward and it includes shopping lists and substitutions. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else clean up your act.

Note: Style Challengers isn’t sponsored or compensated by anyone (yet!) so these are completely my opinions.

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