Style Scoop—Celebrate Earth Day

The inspiration for this week’s Style Scoop was easy: April 22 is Earth Day and we can all do a little something to connect with and clean up our planet, because our planet’s health = our health. And if you need some more inspiration or a do-good challenge this week, check out our post on how we tackled the trash.


A glass carafe plus filter makes the Lifestraw Home a winner to eliminate single-use plastic bottles.

I have two products that cut way back on plastic waste by making sparkling clean water at home and then giving it some fizz! The Lifestraw Home glass water pitcher is the best filter and carafe I’ve used, which I say mostly because it’s great looking. There’s lots of science data on why the filter is so good—it filters out heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides—and the water tastes great. For fizz, I have long used a Sodastream, but when ours hit the dust, I got a newer model, the SodaStream Fizzi, which is even easier to use. To give it some flavor, whenever I need to juice a lemon, lime or orange, I first remove the peel with a vegetable peeler (leave the bitter pith behind) and then once the water is fizzed, I throw in a couple of peels for a citrus kick.


Refillable antiperspirant uses so much less plastic than the single-use tubes.

Here’s a great roundup by Allure on refillable beauty products. Who needs all that packaging? All we need are things that work. (And check out our post on what skincare products we use and what we like and don’t like. I’ll be replacing a few of my marginal ones with some of these Allure picks and I’ve already bought the refillable antiperspirant.)


Obviously, we’re no longer buying fast fashion, and instead we’re trying to buy quality pieces we want to wear for many seasons, but I’m also trying to shop fashion resellers, especially when I’m in the mood to just browse. In Chicago, The Real Real and Luxury Garage Sale both have stores on the Mag Mile as well as online. Another high-end reseller I like a lot is Vestiaire Collective (just check the box for U.S. only otherwise you’ll be waiting a long time for something to come from Europe or Asia).


@facethefoliage is a fun follow for Earth Day.

If you just need a little frivolous nature mixed with some beauty, I love @facethefoliage when it pops up on my feed. Justina Blakeney is the creative force behind the eco-portraits and she has just the right mix of beauty, flowers and whimsy.


I’ve never used a steam mop (had I even heard of them?), but this article from The Inspired Room has almost convinced me that steam, which doesn’t use toxic chemicals, might be the way to go. The mop function is supposed to be aces on tile and hardwoods, and it has an attachment specifically for cleaning grout. I’d love to know if any of you have used a steam cleaner and what you think. Is it crazy to worry that I might burn myself? Is it really OK for hardwood floors? Could you ask your cleaning lady to use it? Comment or DM us at @stylechallengers and let me know.

Happy Earth Day! Get outside and hug a tree!

Note: Style Challengers isn’t sponsored or compensated by anyone (yet!) so these are completely my opinions.

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