5 Ways Waking Up Early Makes Me a Better Person

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

I write to you at 5:44 a.m., during the most delicious time of my day. Liam is already up and heading to the gym and I’m propped up on my pillows in bed, sipping my first cup of coffee and watching the full moon set over the bay while Phoebe snoozes at my feet. I’ve got over an hour before the sun rises and I need to take her out for a walk. Until then it’s blissful, private, quiet time and I’m hooked on it. I think one of my finest traits is that I’m an early riser.

Here are five ways waking up early makes me feel like a better person:

  1. Puts me in a good mood. I wake up naturally by 5:30 a.m., but I only hop out of bed to brush my teeth and grab a cup of coffee. I spend the next hour or so lounging around, reading interesting articles or a chapter of a book, writing in my journal, making lists. Claiming this pre-dawn time to honor my interests and ideas makes me feel both nurtured and centered. I’m a happier, sunnier person all day as a result.
  2. Fires up my creativity. I love journaling at any time of day, but writing first thing in the morning definitely jump starts my creativity. I can process weird dreams and clear out worried or restless thoughts before I’m even out of bed. Then I’m in an open, positive state of mind where I can see possibilities and solve problems more easily throughout the day.
  3. Gets me organized. Rising early gives me time to plan what I want to accomplish that day and make a list of my priorities so I can hit the ground running with purpose and clarity.
  4. Gives me energy. By giving myself the time to wake up slowly, I step into my day with ease. By the time I take Phoebe out for a walk at 7 a.m. I’m wide awake, caffeinated, and ready to move!
  5. Puts me in touch with nature. Watching the radiant full moon melt into the horizon is just one of the gifts that waking up before dawn offers. The fading starlight, silvery shadows, birdsong, whispering wind and rosy glow of the eastern sky all make me feel a profound connection to our turning earth. It’s worth getting up early to experience it.

If you’re not naturally an early riser but would like to experience some of the benefits, here’s a guide to getting up earlier. The main point is to do it gradually—even 15 extra minutes in the morning can make a big difference!

(We know that small changes really do add up. Laura revamped her morning routine and I switched up my evenings when we took the Healthy Habits Challenge.)

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