The Best Mother’s Day Gift is One You Choose Yourself

Mother’s Day is one of those weird holidays with huge expectations that are rarely fulfilled. None of my three children will be with me this Mother’s Day, so I’m doing what I’ve done since the last one went to college, and that’s spend the weekend with my mother. (Hurray, we’re all fully vaccinated!)

As far as gifts, I really only want/expect heartfelt cards from my kids, and if there’s anything else I might want, I’ve learned it’s best to directly arrange it. Here’s my absolute fave Mother’s Day gift ever: a gold chain with my three kids initials and one that’s an “h” for our family name.

Jewelry designer Jules Vance made my sentimental necklace.

I met jewelry designer Jules Vance at an event (maybe the One of a Kind show?) and immediately loved her initial charms and simple pendants. I got her card, and a few weeks before Mother’s Day, I sat my then 12- or 13-year-old daughter in front of my computer and together we designed my necklace. Once we were done, I told her to ask her father for his credit card and was appropriately “surprised” when the kids gave me the necklace on Mother’s Day.

Jules doesn’t seem to be making these charms any more, but a quick Etsy search turned up this option by Caramellos Jewelry and this one by Goldstore Jewelry. The grande dame of this style is Helen Ficalora, who has bejeweled options as well as plain charms.

This necklace might be the last thing you’d wear—jewelry if very individual—maybe you’ve always wanted a mug with that sweet picture of your kids when they were babies. I like something sentimental for this holiday—something that connects you and your children—and in this age of personalization, the options are pretty endless.

Do you have a favorite mom present? We’d love to see it. Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @stylechallengers.

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