Style Scoops: 7 Instagram Accounts by Women Over 50 that I Love Following

Social Media isn’t just for teens and mommy bloggers—there’s an abundance of talented women in their 50s and beyond sharing cool content on the ‘gram (note hip reference). Here are a few of my favorite accounts that are both fun and inspiring.

1. Stacy London @stacylondonreal

Loved her as the open-hearted, sharp-witted fashionista on What Not to Wear, but love her even more now that she’s dealing with self-acceptance and aging. Stacy London is also the CEO of State of Menopause, a company that makes products to help women cope with menopause. Her love life has taken an interesting twist too.

2. Jen Weigel @jenweigel

I’m not sure if Chicago author and media personality Jen Weigel is 50 yet, but the blend of practicality, empathy and spirituality she brings to her account is so packed with wisdom, it’s ageless. Our paths have criss-crossed through the years making me wonder, why aren’t I friends with you, Jen? In the post below she turns a basic run to the grocery store into a profound message all of us can relate to.

3. Felice Shapiro @betterafter50

This account and website curated by Felice Shapiro gets personal by featuring real women, sharing real stories about topics including relationships, parenting, health and fashion. The content is thought-provoking and relatable. For instance Barbara, below, talks about why, after 40 years of marriage, she looks forward to living the rest of her life solo.

4. Sarah Jane Adams @mywrinklesaremystripes

I love women who break the mold and this globe-trotting, 66-year-old, yogi enchantress is a true original. Based in Sidney, Sarah Jane Adams is the owner of vintage jewelry company Saramai Jewels, a late-life fashion ambassador, and one of the contestants on the current season of Big Brother Australia. She unapologetically embraces her age, but I think she’s redefining it altogether. What 25-year-old could possibly be as interesting?

5. Ann Marie Scheidler @annmarieontheshore

Laura and I have worked with Ann Marie at various Chicago magazines over the years so she’s our friend, but she’s also our role model when it comes to lifestyle blogging and Instagram. Living on Chicago’s North Shore with her husband and five kids (some in college) she provides a great mix of local and universal content and her gracious personality and great taste shine through her writing and photos. Her account makes me feel like all is well with the world—but if it isn’t, I can whip up one of her comforting soups and it soon will be.

6. Mel Kobayashi @bagandaberet

This Toronto based artist is so deliciously sly and witty. Not only does she create amazing outfits, she invents the decadent characters who wear them. I can’t describe how fun her work is. Go see for yourself!

7. Susan K. Feldman @getinthegroove1

Susan Feldman founded—and sold—the luxury home furnishings website One Kings Lane, but wasn’t ready to retire. Seeing that older women were woefully neglected in the media, she created Get in The Groove, a “happy place” for women to get the resources they need to navigate growing older. Her Instagram account is a cheerful collage of fashion, information and fun that makes you feel like this stage of life is full of possibility.

Others to check out

The creator is a dude, but @advancedstyle, by author and photographer Ari Seth Cohen, is a gorgeous celebration of older women enjoying life.

This list represents just a fraction of the talented women over 50 on social media. What social media accounts or blogs created by mature women inspire you? I’d love to know give them a follow.

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