Two Inspired Home Offices—Designed by Us

Even as restaurants, stores and offices continue to open and things start to return to normal, the need for an attractive, functional work-from-home space hasn’t abated a bit. In fact, according to Jacey Reese, who is General Manager for the Herman Miller Group at Fulton Market, the company has seen demand for WFH set ups stay steady or even increase this spring. Which makes total sense, because even as companies reopen offices, many are still making WFH an option at least a couple of days a week.

Our challenge this week was to use the resources at HMG, which include Hay, Design Within Reach and Herman Miller, to design our ideal WFH setups. 

Marjie’s Office with Warm Hues and an Arty Vibe

Marjie’s completed home office set up at HMG is rosy and cozy.

What a fun opportunity, to be able to create my dream workspace at the ultra cool Herman Miller Design Group. It’s so timely because my real workspace is in flux. My husband has taken over our Chicago condo office and I’ve been carving space out of the guest room.

I love this beautiful Line Storage Desk because it has a generous work surface and tons of storage. Two people could actually share it, facing one another, but I need a desk that’s all mine. The most crucial element of a happy workspace is the desk chair. As we learned at the showroom, a chair with the right amount of support, height, depth and recline makes all the difference to comfort and productivity. Who can focus with cramped legs or an aching back?

Desk chairs come in a rainbow of colors.

I spent the winter in Southwest Florida and those gorgeous sunsets have left an indelible impression. So, starting with the chair, I used those orangey-pink tones to accent my dream desk. Herman Miller offers their chairs in an abundance of customizable colors (see photo). And, unlike many furniture companies suffering supply chain disruption right now, they can deliver their chairs quickly, in just a matter of weeks.

I mostly write on my MacBook (in rose gold, of course) but I do a fair amount of doodling and note taking by hand, so good lighting and a pot full of pencils and pens are essential. Books and arty details make the space feel inspiring to keep my creative juices flowing. In real life I’m not sure if my desk plant would be so healthy, but a girl’s gotta dream. Here are the details of my fantasy home office, with links to the products below. I’m going to be ordering some of these picks online. But if you’re in Chicago, you have to check out the showroom on Fulton in person. It’s amazing. Keep scrolling for Laura’s workspace. It’s so chic and completely different!

Line Storage Desk $2295

Nelson Pear Lotus Table Lamp $595

Low Cosm Chair in Canyon $1095

Persimmon Serena Throw $195

Pink Sowden Travel Cup $42

Botanical Family Pot and Saucer (various sizes)

Girard Doll (Seven) $170

Milk Serveware Pencil Pot $35

Books $21-$60

Photograph, Coastal No. 3326 by Cas Friese $4595

Laura’s Office Featuring Natural Wood, Brass and Greens

Laura and her finished work space at the new Herman Miller Group at Fulton Market.

I’m reclaiming my WFH space. For the past year, my desk was a shared work space as various adult children used it, and I moved between the kitchen island and the dining room table. As I thought about what I want for my space (cleverly recreated using the much posher desk and chair at HMG), I decided that I want my office to be a calm and inviting space. Now that I have my office to myself on days my husband goes into his office, I want to amplify the calm and quiet. Also, most of my freelance writing is about design and decor, so it’s important that everything be visually cohesive and inspiring. My must haves, see below for the list with links: good task lighting, a non-spillable mug for my tea, pretty trays to hold little things, inspirational books and a chic trash can.

Here’s how the space progressed as I started with the desk and expertly fitted Aeron chair, and added in accessories.

Airia Desk, $2,695

Aeron Chair, $1,445

Botanical family pots, $45-$55

Sowden travel cup, $48

Paper paper bin, $25

Matin table lamp, $195

Hay tray, $15-$18

Mid-Century Modern Travel Guide, $35

Destination Architecture, $30

Perla phone holder, $50

Avoca mohair throw blanket, $245

At this time Style Challengers doesn’t receive any commission from products we recommend. We’re just telling you what we love because we love it!

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