Finding the Perfect Summer Lipstick

Marjie and Laura trying out some of their old lipsticks. A little shocking after months of nothing!

It’s time to show your lips again. After hiding them behind masks for over a year, our lower faces are again on display, which means it’s time to put on some lipstick and smile (not just smize!). My first problem was finding my lipsticks. I’d downgraded them from my makeup drawer: a few were in a summer purse, some were in a junk drawer, a few were in my overflow bathroom drawer and I still haven’t found my expensive Chanel red lipstick. Next problem: I kind of hated all of them on my lips. I immediately called Marjie to find out where she was on the wearing lipstick spectrum (0 being chapstick only to 10 being bright red all the time) and we decided our next challenge had to involve a trip to Sephora to get some expert help. Make-up artist Lauren helped us find our new post-Covid shades.

Marjie’s Lipstick Journey

Getting back in the swing of wearing lipstick again

Lipstick used to be the one cosmetic I would never leave home without, but Covid quashed that habit. Now that my lips are out in public again my old shades seem too serious, like I’m headed to the office to give a presentation, which I most definitely am not. Lauren gave me a range of neutral shades to try from Charlotte Tilbury’s famed universally flattering “Pillow Talk” line, but I still wanted a glimmer of color in something softer, especially for summer. After a few attempts, Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips in Super Cindy seemed like the perfect peachy hue. If it works for Cindy Crawford, who inspired the shade, it definitely works for me. It’s amazing how a single tube of lipstick can provide a boost, as can a simple outing with a girlfriend. I feel lighter and brighter already.

Laura’s Lipstick Journey

Trying on colors at Sephora. Couldn’t have been a more lovely way to feel like life was getting back to normal.

Once I finally did find my lipsticks (minus the Chanel one) I discovered that I have two KVD Beauty matte long-wearing lipsticks in Bachelorette. Too bright, no? (It’s what I’m wearing in the above photo.) Plus, assorted other lipsticks that I probably got for free at different events and rarely wear. It was time for something new! I do like a long-wearing lipstick and they’re usually matte which seems more age appropriate than a glossy gloss, but it can’t feel like chalk or leave my lips parched at the end of the day. Our adorable sales associate, Lauren, highly recommended the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Wedding Belles and after trying a couple of shades (too light, too dark) this one was just right. I’m happy to be wearing lipstick again, but honestly, the best part was talking to the sales associate, trying on colors with a friend and sharing opinions. It was all very normal and so, so very nice!

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After: Polished but more natural and relaxed. Better, right?

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