Marjie Loves her Beautiful Morning Walk in Chicago (photos)

I live in a highrise, so to take my dog Phoebe out, I have to get fully dressed and ride the elevator down 16 floors. My neighborhood, Streeterville, is one of the most densely populated in the city, full of hotels, hospitals, universities and apartment buildings. But our morning walk is surprisingly serene—abounding with nature and gorgeous views. We only have to cross one street on this 1.2 mile walk, thanks to the best shortcut in Chicago. Come with Phoebe and me and let us tour you around our ‘hood. I love starting the day this way.

It all begins in the elevator (keep scrolling)…

I don’t always feel like taking this walk, but I’m always so happy once I’m on my way. Thanks for taking the trip with us, and enjoy these bright summer mornings in your own neighborhood! Here are some video snippets showing 1) the expansive view of Polk Bros Park, 2) a hidden garden path, and 3) the kinda creepy shortcut under Lake Shore Drive.

The view of the lake from Polk Bros Park

A garden path, hidden in plain sight
My favorite short cut under LSD.

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