22 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

How can it be July already? Summer is flying by and there are so many things Laura and I want to squeeze in, especially after being cooped up for so long. This week we share our bucket lists for July and August. What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

Laura’s Summer Bucket List

My list is bittersweet, because this is the last summer I’ll be a full-time resident of Chicago. This fall, my husband and I are moving to Brooklyn when his office relocates to New York City. With that in mind, I’ve made my list very Chicago specific!

  • Grab a putter and mini golf at Maggie Daley Park. Can we bring a cocktail?
  • Go to a Cubs game and have a Chicago hot dog and a beer — a classic summer activity for a reason.
  • Bike the 606 and stop for lunch at Parson’s Chicken and Fish for a fried chicken sandwich and a Negroni slushy!
Hungry? It’s the Buffalo chicken sandwich from Parson’s Chicken and Fish
  • Have a drink on a rooftop deck. We’ve been foiled by weather (and lack of planning), but I’m determined to get a reservation on one of Chicago’s beautiful rooftop decks for drink.
  • Paddleboard on the lake. The water is warming up, so it’s time for me to get out on the harbor before it’s too late.
This photo is from last summer. Urban Kayaks rents paddle boards by the Columbia Yacht Club.
  • Bike to Patel Brothers and cook an Indian dinner. I’ve given my local Indian takeout restaurant plenty of business during the pandemic, but I’m inspired to try grilling my own tandoori this summer.
  • Bring a book and a chair to Lincoln Park and relax for a few hours in the shade.
  • Catch an outdoor concert. No Lollapalooza for us this year, but we will still enjoy tunes under the stars.
  • One last Sunday Dinner Club meal. We’ve long loved this Chicago invitation only (but not hard to get on the list) dinner club, so we’re signing up for one that they’ll have on their patio this summer.
Sunday Dinner Club chef and founders.

Marjie’s Summer Bucket List

I spend the winter in Florida, so I’m not panicked about hitting the beach. I want to connect with friends (Laura and Clarkson are at the top of my list) and do city stuff! Summer in Chicago has so much to offer.

  • Tie a camping hammock between two trees at Olive Park and spend the day in it, reading, swinging and sipping iced tea.
  • Rent a boat with a captain for an afternoon on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.

What’s on your summer bucket list? Tag us and let us know what you’re doing in your town or city. We can’t wait for some inspiration!

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