5 Stylish Ways to Beat the Heat

I’m not a hater of hot weather. I don’t love it, but I tolerate it and remind myself that soon enough, it will be February and I will be longing for a reason to drink anything with ice in it. Until that day, let’s embrace summer in its hot and humid glory. That doesn’t mean we have to suffer, just smartly choose how to enjoy these hot days.

Wear a Beautiful Topper

Cuyana’s foldable straw hat, $75

I have two hats in rotation for sunny days: a black and white checked bucket from Rag & Bone (check out this list of summer hats from Girls of a Certain Age for some great bucket options, but do ignore the visors!) and a foldable straw hat made in Ecuador by Cuyana ($75). Hats are instant shade. They also help with glare, which is a problem for me even with sunglasses. And since I’m now noticing some sun spots near my ears (I stopped short with my sunscreen application for years), I like a hat that covers more than just a baseball cap and protects the sides of my face and my ears.

Wear Something Loose

Dress by Emerson Fry

Marjie and I went on a shopping trip to find her a loose-fitting dress with not-so-great results. Most of these dresses are made for tall gals! But I do find that the hotter it gets, the more I want to wear anything that fits like a caftan. If you haven’t found your perfect nap dress yet, keep looking. They’re out there and they’re on sale!

Drink Bubbly Water

Some new flavors of La Croix to keep you hydrated when it’s hot.

While I carry around a refillable water bottle when I exercise, nothing beats a bright pink can of Hibiscus La Croix for sipping poolside. Or have you tried Bubly’s Pear and Ginger? Delicious! We also have in rotation a guava-flavored water and pastèque (because it’s cooler to say watermelon in French). The recyclable cans work well for the pool, and I love hydrating with something that’s not plain water. For later in the day, you can add 1 oz. of a clear spirit (vodka or tequila) plus a wedge of fruit (lime, pineapple, lemon, watermelon) for a delicious low-alcohol and low-calorie cocktail.

Iced Coffee

My morning cold brew

Sticking with the beverage theme, trade your usual steaming hot cup of joe for a cold brew coffee over lots of ice. I’ve never understood the appeal of raising your internal body temperature before going out into a steamy day, so as soon as the temperature starts edging toward 70, I switch to cold brew. I have a La Colombe in my building, so I buy the concentrate, which makes over a week’s worth of morning coffees. They also make a canned draft latte if that’s more your style, but I’m a black coffee drinker, so this is pretty much heaven.

The Evening Stroll

You have to be flexible and smart when it’s hot out. Unlike my husband, who will golf on the hottest of days, or Marjie, who plays tennis outside all summer long, I move my workouts indoors when it’s really hot. I’d rather run on a treadmill than feel slightly nauseous all day because I overdid it. That said, when the evening starts to cool down around 8pm, my husband and I often head out and take a walk around our neighborhood. The shadows are long, but it’s still light out. People are coming and going from dinner dates and drinks, so it’s prime people-watching time. And you can show off your prairie dress and maybe even a nice iced beverage to accompany your stroll. Love me some summertime fun!

How do you keep cool on these hot days? Any stylish tips? We’d love to hear from you.

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