A Perfect Evening—the Benefits of Going Out By Yourself

A wonderful thing about being over 50 is having the confidence to go places on my own. Liam has been traveling a lot and Chicago offers so many fun (and free) cultural events this summer. Last night I decided to take advantage of the Millennium Park Summer Music Series‘ first concert since the pandemic. The program was I’m Every Woman: Divas Through the Decades with Akenya & Friends and Mermaid so how could I resist? I was a little hesitant to go it alone, but it ended up being an empowering experience that I’ll definitely repeat. Here are the advantages of going to an event solo:

You’re in Control

I decided at the last minute to walk over to the Pritzker Pavillion and check out the concert. I could have called a friend to go with me, but I liked being spontaneous and free to do my own thing. I didn’t have to coordinate a meeting time and place. I didn’t need to dress up or make an appetizer or bring a cooler. No hurrying, waiting around, texting, or obligation to stay for the whole concert. I simply poured a glass of wine into a water bottle, stuck it in my bag, tied a sweatshirt around my waist and headed out the door.

Focus on the Performance

Most people were hanging out on the lawn, so there were plenty of pavillion seats open. I chose an aisle seat about 20 rows back where I had a great view of the band but lots of space around me. Oh, the joy of being able to see the stage perfectly at a concert! Being alone meant my sole focus was the music, and this show was so fun, I loved grooving and singing along to all the classic hits from female artists. And I could really appreciate the details—the rich harmonies, the funky bass player, the cool horn section.

I had the perfect seat to appreciate the band and music.

Connect to the City and the Crowd

Now that things are opening up, I want to make the most of living in this city. The Pritzker Pavillion is a fabulous place to see a concert. The architecture is stunning and as the music comes up, the sun sets behind the Chicago skyline. It’s a dramatic scene. I thought I might feel awkward sitting alone in the crowd, but I didn’t at all. Turns out there were plenty of other people attending solo and no one was judging anyone anyway. The concert was a celebration of LGBTQ+ culture which added an even more festive vibe to the evening. The diverse, happy crowd felt super-inclusive and I felt like I fit in perfectly. I left after about 90 minutes, loving that I could leave whenever I’d had my fill.

How do you feel about going out by yourself? Where have you had great experiences? Would love to know!

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