It’s Autumn! Here’s What to Eat, Drink, Wear and Do

Today is the official start of fall and here in Chicago the shift in season is apparent. The temps have dropped, the skies are grayer and the trees are tinged with gold. Even though I love warm weather, I welcome this season. It feels like a fresh start. Here are a few things I’m switching up.

Eat: Soup not Salad

image via

Fall is the time to enjoy the comforting warmth of homemade soup, and there’s no better recipe than Smitten Kitchen’s Lentil Soup with Sausage, Chard and Garlic. Laura, my number one foodie friend, introduced me to this hearty, flavorful dish. Luckily for me, it’s easy to make. It’s packed full of veggies and, topped with pecorino romano cheese and a drizzle of garlic olive oil, makes for a much more satisfying meal than any salad. (Substitute turkey sausage if you’re avoiding red meat like me.)

Drink: Hemp not Highballs

Anyone else feeling bloated? My decadent anniversary trip , frequent happy hour riverwalks and a day drinking Labor Day weekend at our friends’ lake house have left me with a few unwanted pounds and a desire to cut back on cocktails and calories. But I still want something special to sip on in the evenings, so I’m giving this Vybes hemp infused sparkling water a try. It’s supposed to increase your focus while calming you down and the Honeycrisp Apple Basil flavor sounds just right for fall. I bought this at my local Foxtrot Market but I’ve also ordered trial packs from Mad Tasty and Recess. Have you tried any of these? I’ll do a taste test (and a mood check) and report back.

Wear: Joggers and Boots not Shorts and Sandals

Bella Dahl camo joggers (current season) and Marc Fisher booties (old)

I find it hard to feel pulled together in the sticky summer heat so I’m thrilled to swap my shorts and flip flops for an equally comfy combo of joggers and boots. Of course, fall is the perfect time to get out your jeans (or buy a new pair), but I’m digging these camo joggers as a lighter-weight alternative while temperatures are in flux. Joggers were a big trend last year and I’m sticking with them. I especially appreciate how they’re accommodating of said extra pounds. Low heeled booties are my all-time favorite shoe. They look cool and have a little support which makes them great for walking around the city.

Do: Get Organized

Forget spring cleaning, fall is the perfect time to do something much more satisfying—purge! Before you bring out the cashmere sweaters and leather jackets, look at all your summer stuff with a critical eye. Summer clothes really don’t hold up that well. White shirts get pit-stained, tees start showing those annoying little holes, sneakers turn smelly and bathing suits lose their shape. Plus you probably didn’t wear half the items in your closet. Donate the clothes that are in good shape and let the rest go. I literally threw out half the socks in my sock drawer. Good riddance! Now there’s more room for the good stuff.

If you need help deciding what to get rid of, here are some easy guidelines from Apartment Therapy.

Do: Close Out the Bucket List

The next few weeks are your last chance to check off the remaining items on your summer bucket list. There are still some warm days ahead. I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art yesterday, I’m going to walk through the Chicago Botanic Gardens with a friend tomorrow, and Liam and I are renting a vintage boat this weekend (similar to the boat we rented last summer, below).

How are you switching gears to fall?

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