Laura moves on from Style Challengers, but our friendship remains

This site has been quiet for a while—no new challenges, handy tips or interviews. It’s because Laura left me. She moved to Brooklyn with her husband in September, and has since seen her freelance writing career take off. Her new stage of life has brought her a host of fantastic opportunities, and embracing them is really what Style Challengers is all about. Taking on challenges “to improve our lives and amp up our style” is our motto and Laura has surpassed that objective with flying colors.

Here’s what Laura has to say about her departure:

“What could be more fun than working and conspiring with a dear friend on cool content? Absolutely nothing! I’ve had the best time working on SC with Marjie and I’m sad to move on, but it does seem to be time. My paid writing has picked up to nearly full time, and the distance makes our walking meetings harder to coordinate (NYC and FLA). Now, when we are in the same town, our walks are just for fun (and exercise). We’ll solve the problems of staying chic and aging well another day!”

Laura & Marjie, Lovers Key

I’m losing Laura as a Style Challenger and Chicagoan, but not as a wonderful friend. Laura and her husband Clarkson visited us this week in Florida and we had so much fun together. I can’t wait to see their swanky new pad when we’re in NYC this summer.

But you know what? This isn’t good-bye to Style Challengers! I’m still passionate about exploring ways to live well and feel great. I just need some like minded chicks to collaborate with! Stay tuned as I figure out how to proceed. And if you’re game to take on a challenge with me, let me know.

One thought

  1. Laura: We will miss your lovely face and talent here in Chicago, but New York calls! I’m sure you will do well. Marjie: You ALWAYS do well, and I can’t wait to see how you re-develop Style Challengers. Carry on! Patty


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