6 Things I’m Loving For Summer 2022

I live in Florida all winter so I know how to do warm weather. Now that I’m back in Chicago, here are a few new things I’m embracing this summer. These recommendations are completely my own—I’m not earning any commission on anything, just sharing what I think is good stuff.

Packing Cubes. If you have any type of travel planned this summer, you need these. In our recent packing challenge, my friend Berit Francis introduced me to packing cubes. I ordered a set of my own and now I’m hooked. I used them for our trip to Ireland and they were so helpful! As Berit promised, I could fit more items in my bag, everything stayed in place and wrinkle-free, and unpacking was a breeze. My set from Veken includes four cubes in a range of sizes, a laundry bag and a shoe bag, all for just $27. A perfect gift for grads, dads (Liam is jealous) or brides-to-be!

Colorful Clothing and Playful Jewelry. Spending a lot of time in tropical Florida has made me a newfound fan of wearing color and I’m not going back. Black may be chic but it’s so damn dreary. After being cooped up and social distanced for the last two years I’m ready to celebrate and be seen. I’m also loving whimsical/weird jewelry right now—like this evil eye ring! Summer is the time to be free and have fun. Why shouldn’t our attire reflect the sunny vibes?

This lemon print blouse by Alice + Olivia is pricey, but here’s something similar (and on sale!) from Talbots.

image via Vimhue.com

The BEST sporty cap ever. I’ve admitted to being influenced by ads on social media, but this Vimhue Sun Goddess sports cap was a fabulous find. Specifically designed for women, it’s light, comfortable, and flattering. It has a UPF 50+ to protect scalp and eyes from harsh rays and a flexible back opening to accommodate any type of pony or hairstyle while staying put. It comes in a whole bunch of colors and costs $29. Perfect for beach walks, tennis, or jogging. I own three.

Early Bird Dining. The retirees of Florida are on to something. Socializing with friends over happy hour or an early meal is the way to go. It’s easier to reserve a table at a cool restaurant, the sunshine makes it feel more casual and relaxed, and you tend to eat lighter. You can have a couple drinks and a couple hours of fun and still be home at a reasonable hour. I’ve been reading up on how to get a great night’s sleep and one of the worst things you can do is eat late in the evening. I want to socialize but I also want to feel energized in the morning. Let’s meet at five, okay? Or even better—let’s do bunch!

Outdoor Concerts. Speaking of early evening activities, I’ve discovered a new summer past time —happy hour concerts. Tomorrow I’m going to my first Tuesday on the Terrace at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Featuring artists from Chicago’s jazz the community, the concerts kick off at 5:30pm and are free (or you can make a donation). Music, light bites and drinks in an arty outdoor setting? I’m in. And I’m looking forward to free concerts at Millennium Park and dance lessons at Navy Pier too.

Simple Skin Care. I don’t use a lot of products (too lazy) but this Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery cream is the ultimate nourishing, soothing face cream. It feels sooo yummy to slather all over my face after a long day in the sun or out in the city grit. It’s vegan and made from natural ingredients like sea buckthorn and black current, but all I know is my stressed out skin absorbs it like a sponge and I feel all plumped up and restored after applying it. It doesn’t have SPF, so probably functions best as a night cream. $52 for 1.57 fl oz.

Those are my newest summer picks. What activities and things are you excited about this summer? I’d love to know!

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