Things Your Guy Wants (but won’t ask for)

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I originally wrote about this topic a dozen years ago, but I’m reviving it now because it’s the season of giving and it still holds true. Of course every person and partnership (whether heterosexual or same-sex) is unique. But if you’re romantically involved with a dude, I bet he’d love to receive at least one these things. And why not make him happy?

Men aren’t as skilled at communicating their desires and needs as women, partly because it’s culturally discouraged. “Men are rarely asked what they want and have a hard time expressing it,” said licensed marriage and family therapist David Klow. “They’re taught to subvert their needs.”

But they do have needs—to be appreciated, to express their masculinity and to have more intimacy (not just sex). They’d also like to know what the women in their life desire because, they want you know, they aren’t mind readers!

Here’s the original story, published for Father’s Day 2012 by Make it Better, now

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