Style Scoop—Cheers to Daylight Savings Time!

This weekend we’re “springing forward”, a.k.a. moving to daylight savings time, and I couldn’t be happier. The time change marks the shift toward new beginnings and renewal, which are especially welcome this year. Here are a few stylish suggestions to help you adjust to the longer days and warmer temperatures—enjoy!

I was so taken by her sweater, I forgot to ask Audrey the name of her puppy.

Layer Up. We long to be outside, but it’s still chilly out there. I discovered a perfect layering piece for changeable temps where I met the chic Audrey and her adorable Shih Tzu pup, pictured here, at The Bevy restaurant in Naples. Audrey clued us into Simonett—an ethical clothing brand with a store in Miami. She’s wearing their sweater sleeve, a chunky knit shrug, which retails for a reasonable $90. My friends and I all want one.

recipe and image from Bon Appetite

Happy Hour. Next week the sun will set a full hour later which means your workday will no longer end in darkness. Celebrate the longer evenings with a refreshing Cucumber-Gin Spritz. With shaved cucumber, bubbly prosecco and a little club soda, this fizzy tall drink is like sipping springtime.

Hair Repair. Has your hair suffered this winter? I know mine has. But my new hairstylist recommended Aveda Botanical Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and after six weeks, the duo has been a game changer. My hair, usually dry and coarse, feels noticeably silkier and healthier. The products are expensive—$35 each—but they go a long way, and they work!

Cleaner Coffee. Our mornings are gonna be really dark for a while, so it’s a good time to clean up our coffee habits. Did you know that regular coffee is processed with tons of chemicals? I made the healthful switch to Starbucks Organic French Roast coffee. It’s not widely available, but I buy it in bulk from Amazon (tip: sometimes companies offer organic versions of their products on Amazon). 6/10oz bags $36.

The secret is a good soak in hot water.

Wax on, Wax off. I’m not lighting candles as much now that it’s brighter so it’s a good time to toss out old candle stubs and shine up the candlesticks. Mine were a mess until I found this super easy method from Molly Maid to remove wax from glass/crystal candlesticks.

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