Improve Your Mood with a Nature Walk

When I lived on Chicago’s North Shore, my go-to mood elevator was a walk through the Chicago Botanic Garden. This winter, my husband and I were desperate enough to see friends that we bundled up and met them for a wintery walk through the garden’s snowy evergreens. But now that trees are starting to bud and daffodils are poking up, we’ll soon have a riot of color to punctuate outdoor walks.

Photo of the spring bulb garden courtesy of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

A garden or forest stroll doesn’t just get you out of the house and away from a screen, according to multiple studies cited in an April 2020 article “Nurtured by Nature,” by Kirsten Weir in the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology, just two hours a week spent in nature can significantly improve one’s mental health.

If you don’t live near CBG, find your own nature bliss. My go to now that I’m in the city is Lincoln Park and the lakefront. Where are you headed to get your fix of bird songs, lapping waves and fragrant blossoms? If you’re on Instagram, tag us @stylechallengers so we can share your nature walks.

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