I Purged my Closet and Found my Top Brand

I cleaned out my closet over Memorial Day weekend and it was epic. I donated five big trash bags full of clothes, shoes and accessories to the Salvation Army. Now that I’m a snowbird, I don’t need a big winter wardrobe. But the purge was also a chance to get rid of all the stuff that was worn, out of style or just languishing in my closet. In the process of getting rid of stuff I didn’t like, I discovered the pieces and brands I really do. What remains is a pared down wardrobe with clothes I love and wear all the time, including a six tops from the brand Frame. Six is a lot, don’t you think?

My six Frame tops are basic with some zing.

I bought these six Frame tops—a combo of striped knits, solid tees and one silk blouse—over the last four years or so. What makes them keepers is that they’re just so easy to wear. They’re comfortable, flattering and versatile. They have some feminine details like ruching, keyhole necklines and ruffles but are still a little edgy. The striped knits are lightweight and don’t itch. All the items go with jeans, a skirt or under a jacket. No surprise, the white keyhole top (I also own it in black) was part of our original Style Challengers Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. And the cream and black striped knit has taken me a lot of fun places.

Frame isn’t a budget brand, but I’ve had luck finding their clothes on sale at Nordstrom (check their Anniversary Sale later this summer). But for a streamlined wardrobe, the real measure of an item’s value is cost per wear. It’s worth it to spend more on pieces I know I’ll wear often.

Some of my pieces are no longer available, but here are current styles similar to mine:

What brand do you own five or more pieces of? And what makes you turn to it time and again? We’d love to know!

Note: Style Challengers isn’t sponsored by anyone (yet). We only share products and services we really love.

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