Style Scoop—Things I Bought from Instagram Ads and Love (mostly)

I confess, I’ve succumbed to spontaneous Internet purchasing and it’s not just a pandemic boredom/deprivation thing. Instagram knows what I need, okay? I may be a sucker, but mostly I’m happy with my purchases which, at least at the time, seemed unique and cool and were only available online. Here are five of the biggest things I bought from Instagram ads over the last few years and how I feel about them now.

Note: Style Challengers isn’t sponsored or compensated by anyone (yet!) so these are completely my opinions.

Gravity Blanket

This was the very first item I purchased motivated purely by social media ads and the brand’s Kickstarter campaign. I’d never heard of a weighted blanket five years ago, but the cozy, calming, nappy throw looked like the perfect accessory for a brutal Chicago winter. And it is. My adult kids and hubby fight me for it when we’re lounging on the couch and my friends all gave one to their college bound kids. There are oodles of weighted blanket brands out there now, but you can get my original version here. $195

Image from

Hanacure Facial Treatment

This crazy Korean facial treatment went viral a couple years ago. Celebs like Drew Barrymore proudly painted their faces with gooey gel which turned them into aged ghouls as it pulled and hardened. It was hilarious and pretty scary looking, but supposedly, when removed, a rosy luminous complexion would be revealed! As you can see from the photos below (yikes!), I had to try it for myself.

The tightening process was so uncomfortable I worried I was damaging my face. When I removed the mask after 20 minutes (I couldn’t stand the full 30) my skin stayed red for two hours. But Hanacure did indeed improve my complexion—it felt smooth and looked glowing and fresh. I became more comfortable eventually using the other three treatments but didn’t reorder. It was fun to try but it’s too extreme to be part of my regular routine. All in One Facial Set (4 treatments) $110

Tesalate Beach Towels

Instagram obviously knows my Florida beach towel collection needed an upgrade because these ads were relentless. Since Australian surfers introduced us to Uggs, I figured these ultra-thin, quick drying, sand-repellent towels from down under were worth a try. I’m a fan! They’re so compact, it’s easy to throw a couple in a backpack or beach bag and they stay clean and dry after a day at the beach. I’m into pink and palm trees down here but they come in dozens of other fun patterns. $59 each at

Romeo and Juliet Cutting Boards

I resisted these entwined handmade walnut cutting boards the first 20 times they popped up on my feed, but when they went on sale I surrendered. I love the way they snuggle up to each other and they’re even more beautiful to handle than I expected. I can’t bring myself to actually cut anything on them, but they look artsy and adorable displayed on my kitchen counter. Regularly $150 from Tangibly Kitchen, but has similar boards for less.

Cotes of London Down Vest

This one might be a miss. The short-sleeved vest looked stylish online and seemed to be the perfect layering piece for Florida winters. But, um, I haven’t worn it yet. I’ve been more likely to reach for a sweater or a wrap than this vest. Hopefully when we go back to Chicago and are hanging out in the cool evenings (soon!) it will get more use. St. Ives down vest, $198

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